Climate Futures

Climate Futures

GHG Emission Reduction and Green Transition in China: From the Perspective of Industrial Restructuring

Speaker: Prof. YANG Danhui, Department of Resource and Environment Institute of Industrial Economics, CASS
When: Tuesday 11th September 2012, 1.00pm-2.00pm
Location: Building E6A Room 102
Audience: Academics, staff, students

Abstract: Over the past thirty years, China has made great achievements in economic growth and become the so-called “world factory”. However, China’s speedy industrialization has been undertaking an extensive path with enlarging energy consumption, severe environmental damage and increasing carbon emission. Currently, the industrial sector is still the main source of carbon emission in China, which accounts for the total amount of carbon emission up to 70%. In recent years, especially in the11th five-year-plan period, with the implementation of energy saving policies and emission reduction measures, China has made progress on structural and technological emission reduction. Yet, with the coal-dominated energy structure, China is facing more pressure and challenge on climate change and GHG emission reduction in its accelerating process of industrialization and urbanization. It calls for the Chinese government to promote green and low-carbon transition to achieve industrial upgrading and sustainable development.

Bio: Professor Danhui Yang is the Director of the Institute of Industrial Economics (IIE) at The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). The Academy is the premier academic research organisation in the fields of philosophy and social sciences in China, established in 1977, and housing 35 research institutes and more than 90 research centres.

Professor Yang obtained her bachelors and masters in Economics at Shandong University before finishing her PhD in Economics in 1998 at CASS, where she was awarded a scholarship for excellent PhD candidature. Her research fields include transnational corporation and foreign direct investment, competitiveness of China's industries, globalisation process of China and industrial organisation.  She has participated in various overseas academic visiting and international corporate programs at Tilburg University, Venice International University, and the University of Wisconsin. Professor Yang has published numerous papers and research reports, and is the author and co-author of seven books.

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