Research Staff - Climate Futures

Research Staff - Climate Futures

Assisted Colonisation as a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy Masterclass

Assisted colonisation is a form of conservation translocation that intentionally moves species beyond their native range. Recently, assisted colonisation has been proposed for species threatened by climate change to assist in their movement to locations predicted to become suitable under future climate scenarios. In the coming decades, identifying which species, communities and ecosystems may benefit most from assisted colonisation is a key goal for conservation.

This Masterclass aims to share results from a comprehensive study on assisted colonization and will provide practitioners the opportunity to review the research and identify practical implications for implementation. 


Lesley Hughes Director
Biodiversity Node

Polly Mitchell Senior Project Officer
Office of Environment and Heritage

Rachael Gallagher Research Fellow
Macquarie University

Nola Hancock Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Macquarie University

Bob Makinson Conservation Botanist
Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust, Sydney



For further information contact
Leigh Staas, Executive Officer of Biodiversity Node
Phone: 02 98506297

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