Potential supervisors and research groups

Potential supervisors and research groups

The following lab groups are affiliated with Genes to Geoscience. We warmly welcome new members so please feel free to make contact with us for more information on joining: g2g-admin@mq.edu.au

Allen lab - macroecology and macroevolution
Armand lab - phytoplankton as climate indicators, sea ice
Barry lab - insect mating systems
Beaumont lab -- climate change and species ranges and life cycles
Bishop lab - detrital food webs, coastal ecology, experimental design
Brown lab - behaviour, ecology and evolution of fish
Beattie lab - biodiversity and bioresources
Cheng lab - animal behaviour
Cognitive Neuroethology Group -- Andrew Barron
Conservation Genetics Lab - Adam Stow
Dudaniec lab - Landscape genetics, adaptive evolution and conservation 
George lab - biomarkers, geological history, organic geochemistry
Gillings lab - molecular genetics, mobile genes, gene prospecting
Goodwin lab - marine geology, marine climatology and coastal oceanography 
Gore lab - fluvial processes, pollutants, Antarctic geoscience, archaeometry
Grech lab - GIS, species distributions and conservation
Griffith lab - avian behavioural ecology
Herberstein lab - behavioural ecology, spiders and other invertebrates
Hesse lab - landscape evolution through the quaternary
Hose lab - ecology and ecotoxicology in rivers and groundwaters
Jacob lab - biomineralization
Emma Johnston lab - human disturbances in marine communities
Kemp lab - evolution and ecology, mainly mating systems, mainly invertebrates
Kennedy lab - ancient carbon cycling
Lanfear lab - molecular evolution and phylogenetics
Madin lab - computational ecology, biomechanics, coral reefs
Marine Predator Research Group - Rob Harcourt
Medlyn lab - plant physiology, models of plant growth, climate change
Nair lab - immunology, genomics, gene expression and proteomics
Nipperess lab - biodiversity dynamics, measurement and informatics
Palaeobiology Group -- John AlroyGlenn BrockMatt Kosnik, James Valentine
Plant Invasion and Restoration Ecology Lab -  Michelle Leishman
Plant-Insect Interactions and Climate Change Lab Lesley Hughes
Plant Molecular Physiology Group -- Brian Atwell Tom Roberts
Paulsen lab - microbial ecology and genomics
Power lab -- host-parasite interactions
David Raftos lab - immune systems in inverts, disease and pollution in marine environments
Julia Raftos lab - physiology of antioxidants and red blood cells
Steve Simpson lab - neural, physiological, ecological and evolutionary bases of animal behaviour
Mark Taylor lab - floodplains and heavy metal pollution
Westaway lab - luminescence dating, early hominids in southeast Asia
Westoby lab - comparative and evolutionary ecology, mainly land plants
Whiting lab - behaviour, ecology and evolution of lizards
Williamson lab - ocean change, marine ecology and conservation
Wright lab - plant ecology

There is a GG Leadership Group consisting of: 

Mariella Herberstein (leader)
Andrew Barron
Damian Gore
Drew Allen 
Glenn Brock
Ian Paulsen
Marissa Betts (HDR representative)
Mark Westoby
Michael Gillings
Rachel Gallagher (postdoc representative)
Simon George
Wade Tozer (convenor of GG Research Enrichment Program)

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