Genes to Geoscience

Genes to Geoscience

Genes to Geoscience

What is Genes to Geoscience?

Genes to Geoscience is a federation of research labs. Our theme is the fusion of disciplines that is underway among genomics, functional ecology, earth system science and palaeontology. Our focus is to incubate the future research leaders of the next 30 - 40 years.

Research Enrichment Program (GGREP)

If you are in a participating lab, you are welcome to sign up. Postgrads are restricted to 3-5 module-days per year and you should consult with supervisor about the modules you would like to attend. Please feel free to download a copy of the GGREP handbook, which outlines the aims and philosophy of the Program.

To sign up for modules, please e-mail

GGREP Module Menu for 2015

Click on the Module name to find out more information or the date to add to your Google Calendar.

Module Convener Days Date
Introduction to R Allen, Madin, Nipperess & Kosnik 1 2/3/2015
Graphing in R Allen, Madin, Nipperess & Kosnik 1 16/3/2015
Statistics in R Allen, Madin, Nipperess & Kosnik 1 30/3/2015
(How) Do landscapes and species respond to climate change? Hesse & contributors 2 Multiple dates
Writing and communicating for science Gillings & Brown 1 29/4/2015
Small group teaching and learning Bishop 1 13/7/2015 & 14/7/2015
Assessing student literacy Duncan 0.5 15/7/2015
GG Outlook Westoby & Gillings 2 21/7/2015 & 22/7/2015
Non-academic jobs following PhD Lanfear 0.5 Date TBC

An introduction to phylogenetics

Lanfear & Ho 2 8/9/2015 & 9/9/2015
Coal seam gas: the facts, the fears and future for research Hose & contributors 1 15/10/2015
Accelerating your research with digital data collectionSobotkova, Ross, and BallsunStanton0.523/10/15 (morning)
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