Genes to Geoscience

Genes to Geoscience

Genes to Geoscience

What is Genes to Geoscience?

Genes to Geoscience is a federation of research labs. Our theme is the fusion of disciplines that is underway among genomics, functional ecology, earth system science and palaeontology. Our focus is to incubate the future research leaders of the next 30 - 40 years.

One of the main activities in Genes to Geoscience is our Research Enrichment Program (GGREP). GGREP is a program of intensive Masterclasses, workshops and modules for postgraduate students, postdocs and academics. The Program encourages researches towards career-long innovation, leadership, policy and research.

GGREP Menu of Masterclasses and Workshops for 2016

Click on the name of each offering to find out more information and to register. 

Masterclass, Workshop or Module name Convener Days Date
FoS&E Tutor inductionBishop124/2/2016 & 25/2/2015 (afternoons; 2-5pm)
Introduction to R Allen, Madin, Nipperess & Kosnik 1 16/3/2016
Graphing and data manipulation in R Allen, Madin, Nipperess & Kosnik 1 23/3/2016
Statistics in R Allen, Madin, Nipperess & Kosnik 1 6/4/2016

Academic writing and communication

Gillings & Brown



Accelerating your research with digital data collection

Sobotkova, Ross, & Ballsun-Stanton


(afternoon; 1-3pm)
Bioinformatics: A Hands-On Introduction Hallinan, Sofronov & Kordzajkia0.5

(morning; 9am-12)

FoS&E Tutor inductionBishop113/7/2016 & 14/7/2016 (mornings; 9:30am-12:30) 
GG Outlook conference Gillings 226/7/2016 & 27/7/2016
Transition from PhD to Early Career Researcher Power & contributors 125/8/2016
Detecting signals of environmental selection in population genomics Dudaniec & Rymer 1


Trait Ecology

Leishman, Westoby, Wright, Conrwell, & Falster 2 8/9/2016 & 15/9/2016
Non-academic jobs following a PhD Lanfear, Purcell, & Lin-Stephens 1 22/9/2016
42 shades of leadership Herberstein & contributors 0.5 11/10/2016
(afternoon; 2-5pm)

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