Equity and Diversity at MQAAAstro

Equity and Diversity at MQAAAstro

MQAAAstro is committed to providing a safe and equitable workplace where all our members can flourish, regardless  of gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual preference. This commitment has been recognised with the awarding of a Bronze Pleiades Award. The Pleiades Awards recognise organisations in Australian astronomy encouraging full participation of women at all levels of professional life through the implementation of gender-friendly practices.
The diversity committee is made up of Joanne Dawson (chair), Mike Steel, Valentina Baccetti, Lynne Cousins, Judith Dawes, Danica Draskovic, Blake Entwisle, Wilfed Gee, Clara Javaherian, Richard McDermid, Daniel Zucker, Christina Baldwin, Michael Cowley, Danica Draskovic, Thomas Volz, Tiffany Day, Lee Spitler, Adam Batten, Rajni Prasad. 

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