Dr Clare Rowan has been chosen as the 2016 Gale Lecturer

in Numismatics

Macquarie University Graduate Dr Clare Rowan will visit Macquarie August 1st-5th, 2016 to discuss her new "'Tokens" project.

MQACRC External Collaborative Grant 2016

Applications are invited for the MQACRC External Collaborative Grant 2016. This incentivises collaborative research in 2016 by offering a grant of $2500 directly tied to the production of a co-authored research output with an external collaborator, to be submitted for publication during 2016. Applications that would result in co-authored output with a Macquarie collaborator outside the MQACRC and Department of Ancient History may be considered if there are no eligible external collaboration proposals.

The funding, which must be expended before the end of 2016, can be spent in any way that directly contributes to the production of a high-quality externally collaborative output (e.g. travel, publication expenses, teaching relief, or research assistance).

The Centre member making the application should send details to In no more than one A4 page, please provide details of the proposed project and collaborator, the strategic benefits of the collaboration, and the output(s). Applications open all year.

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ARC Success

ACRC researchers granted an Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant

ACRC researchers Naguib Kanawati, Linda Evans, and Alex Woods, as well as their collaborator Janice Kamrin (Metropolitan Museum of Art) have been awarded an Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant. The grant will fund their project "Measuring meaning in Egyptian art: A new approach to an intractable problem", in which they will undertake a visual and statistical analysis of wall paintings at the Middle Kingdom site of Beni Hassan.

New documentary on Shirley Chan's research

Shirley Chan in BBC Documentary

Shirley Chan studying bamboo slips 

ACRC member Shirley Chan travelled to China to examine 2400 year old Confucian texts on bamboo slips for a BBC series 'Genius of the Ancient World' discussing Confucius. Chan appears in the documentary's Season 1, Episode 13, discussing her work on bamboo slip texts.

Junior Research Fellowship 2015

Inaugural ACRC Junior Research Fellowship awarded to Julien Ogereau

After receiving strong applications for this new scheme, the ACRC Junior Research Fellowship has been awarded to Dr Julien Ogereau. The fellowship will support Dr Ogereau's project on 'The cultural transformation of Macedonia in the early Christian era (I-V CE)'.


Nefer and Kahay: Spotlight on PhD research

Pyramid-age love revealed

The findings of PhD researcher Miral Lashien and the ACRC's vivid re-recording of the Chapel of Kahay at Saqqara, Egypt are explored here.

Wadi Sarga: Coptic monks

Wine and monks in Christian Egypt

Jennifer Cromwell's recent research at the British Museum are discussed here, offering new insights into the lives of the Coptic monks of Wadi Sarga, Egypt.monks Wine and monks in Christian Egypt Jennifer Cromwell's recent research at the British Museum are discussed here, offering new insights into the lives of the Coptic monks of Wadi Sarga, Egypt.

Abu Rawash: New discoveries

Oldest Egyptian boat

Information on Yann Tristant's exciting new findings at the First Dynasty cemetery of Abu Rawash can be found in this article.

A prestigious award to Kennesh Sheedy

Sheedy awarded Oxford Double Fellowship

Kenneth Sheedy 

ACRC member and Director of the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatics, Kenneth Sheedy, was awarded the prestigious 'double' fellowship at Oxford, assuming his appointment on July 2014.

The origins of mummification: Latest discoveries by Jana Jones

Embalming study illuminates theories on Egyptian mummification

Researchers from the Universities of York, Macquarie and Oxford have discovered new evidence to suggest that the origins of mummification started in ancient Egypt 1,500 years earlier than previously thought. Read more.

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