Is the 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' a revelation or a hoax? by Lisa Wangsness

The Boston Globe, November 29, 2015
ACRC Director Associate Professor Malcolm Choat

Associate Professor Malcolm Choat discusses the authenticity of a fragment of fourth-century codex that contains dialogue between Jesus and his disciples in the Boston Globe.

Image: Karen L. King

Pioneering science technology gives new insight into ancient Greece by, September 8, 2015
ACRC Member Associate Professor Kenneth Sheedy

Associate Professor Kenneth Sheedy and his team bring together science and ancient history by using new non-destructive technology to analyse artefacts from ancient Greece as reported in Scimex.

Image: Chris Stacey



Malcolm Choat and Ancient History 

Pioneering Minds Podcast, Macquarie University, February 9, 2016
ACRC Director Associate Professor Malcolm Choat

Associate Professor Malcolm Choat, sits down with Ben Mckelvey to discuss his work on papyrology, his forensic investigation of the Gospel of Jesus' Wife, and how a Queensland boy ended up an expert on Ptolemaic and Roman Egyptian History for the Pioneering Minds Podcast.


Cleopatra's Inheritance  

La Trobe University Podcast, January 23, 2014
ACRC Member Associate Professor Tom Hillard

Associate Professor Tom Hillard discusses Cleopatra's inheritance. It will look at the cards that she was dealt, and place her squarely within the context of Mediterranean world history. Along the way we shall stop to examine some of the myths, ancient and modern, that attach themselves to her story. Hear more at History Podcast.

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