Lurion De Mello, Business and Economics, Macquarie University

Lurion De Mello, Business and Economics, Macquarie University


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Lurion De Mello
  • Title: Doctor
  • Position: Senior Lecturer - Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies
  • Qualifications: BCom (Ec,mkt,HONS) Curtin, MCOM (Fin), ECU, PhD (Ec) MQ)

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Areas of Expertise

  • Energy Economics
  • Financial Economics
  • Investments
  • Econometrics of Financial Markets


Lurion joined Macquarie University in March 2011. He completed his PhD in Energy Economics at Macquarie University in 2012. He has held positions at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFPUM) in Saudi Arabia, Curtin University of Technology in Perth, and at Edith Cowan University in Perth. In his previous positions he also lectured at international institutions in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Malaysia as part of ECU and Curtin international programs. His current research interests are in the area of energy economics, econometrics of financial markets and behavioural finance. Lurion has a good publication record and has published or has forthcoming papers in internationally refereed high impact journals including Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Global Finance, Journal of Energy and Development and Journal of Applied Corporate Finance. He was successful in getting the Macquarie University New staff grant and another for converting the finance capstone unit to a PACE unit. Lurion is currently supervising 4 PhD students and works on research projects with students from the Technical University of Munich.

Research grants

  • Macquarie University Strategic Infrastructure Scheme, Jan 2015 ($4,195), with Stefan Trueck, Chi Truong, Roselyn Joyeux, George Milunovich, Fatemah Nazifi & Ram Ranjan.
  • PACE Development Grant, July-Dec 2014 (AUD $9962.53), with Leanne Carter.
  • Macquarie University New Staff Grant Scheme, Jan-Dec 2012 (AUD $15,700)
  • Macquarie University Postgraduate Research Fund, July 2010 (AUD $4,000)

Research awards

  • Vice Chancellor's Highly Commended Research Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Research Social Sciences, Business & Humanities (As a PhD student at Macquarie University - 2010)
  • Deans Award for program development (AFIN 310 Issue in Applied Finance, the flagship capstone subject in the Bachelor of Applied Finance at Macquarie University 2012)


journal toggle icon openjournal toggle icon close Refereed Journal Articles

  • Polypropylene Price Dynamics: Input Costs or Downstream Demand? (with R. Ripple) Energy Journal, 38(4), 129-144, 2017
  • The impact of information presentation order on the judgments of non-professional investors (with A. Hellmann, & C. Yeow), Accounting and Business Research, 47(4), 455-470, 2017.
  • A Practical Guide for Non-Financial Companies When Modelling Longer-Term Currency and Commodity Exposures (with E. Sheedy, S. Storch), Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, 27(1), 2015.
  • Econometric analysis of Australian emissions markets and electricity prices (with D. Cotton), Energy Policy, 74, 2014.
  • Does the Environmental Kuznets Curve exist? An application of long-run structural modelling to Saudi Arabia (with A. Masih), Economia Internazionale, 64 (2), 2011.
  • Oil Price Volatility and Stock Price Fluctuations in an Emerging Market: Evidence from South Korea (R. Masih, & S. Peters), Energy Economics33(5). 2011.   
  • Price dynamics of natural gas and the regional methanol markets (with A. Masih, & K. Albinali),   Energy Policy, 38 (3), 2010.  
  • What drives carbon-dioxide emissions: income or electricity generation? Evidence from Saudi Arabia (with A. Masih, M. Al-Sahlawi), Journal of Energy and Development, 33 (2), 2010.   
  • Price dynamics of crude oil and the regional ethylene markets (A. Masih & I. Algahtani), Energy Economics, 32 (6), 2010.
  • Do Stock Prices Play a Significant Role in Formulating Monetary Policy? A Case Study (with A. Masih), Journal of the Institute for International Economics, 62 (2), 2010.
  • Systemic risk in the major Eurobanking markets : evidence from inter-bank offered rates (with J. Simpson, & J. Evans) Global Finance Journal, 16 (2), 2005.

chapters toggle icon openchapters toggle icon close Book Chapters

  • Neurosciences: the next frontier of behavioral accounting? (with A. Hellmann). In: Hellman, Andreas (Ed.), Behavioral accounting, New York:  Nova Science Publishers, 2013.
  • The Consumption-Based Capital Asset-Pricing Model (CCAPM), Habit-Based Consumption and the Equity Premium in an Australian Context (with D. Allen). In: Greg N. Gregoriou and Razvan Pascalau (Eds.), Financial Econometrics Modeling Market Microstructure Factor Models and Financial Risk Measures, 2010.

conference toggle icon openconference toggle icon close Conferences and Presentations

  • 4th Energy Finance Christmas Workshop (EFC14): Einstein Hotel St. Gallen, Switzerland, 11-12 December 2014, Paper titled, "Electricity futures markets in Australia - An analysis of risk premiums during the delivery period."
  • 26th Asian Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues, Taipei, Taiwan, 26-29 October 2014, Paper titled, "The Impact of Information Presentation Order on the Judgments of Non-Professional Investors."
  • 37th European Accounting Association (EAA) Annual Congress, Tallinn, Estonia, 21-23 May 2014, Paper titled, "The Impact of Information Presentation Order on the Judgments of Non-Professional Investors."
  • 9th International Conference on Applied Financial Economics (AFE) Conference, Samos, Greece, 28-30 June, 2012. Paper titled, 'Econometric analysis of Australian emissions market efficiency"
  • 35th IAEE International Conference, Perth, Australia,  24-27 June 2012, Paper titled, "WTI and Brent crude oil markets: A dynamic analysis of the price differential."
  • 11th IAEE European Conference, Vilnius, Lithuania, Paper titled, 25-28 August 2010, Paper titled, "Price Dynamics of Polypropylene and its Feedstocks in Asia and North West Europe." (Best Paper Award)

other toggle icon openother toggle icon close Other

Working Papers under submission

  • Storhas, D. and De Mello, L., MultiscaleLead-Lag Relationships in Oil and Refined Product Price Dynamics: A SymbolicWavelet Transfer Entropy Approach. Under Revision: Energy Economics
  • Ding, Y., Hellmann,A. and De Mello, L., Factors driving memory fallibility: A conceptual frameworkfor accounting and finance studies. Submitted: Journal of Accounting Literature.

Community engagement

  • Financial Integrity Research Network (FIRN)
  • International Association of Energy Economics (IAEE)
  • Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ)
  • Judging Panel for the Vice Chancellors Research Awards (2012 Present)

phd supervision toggle icon openphd supervision toggle icon close PhD Student Supervision

  • Principal Supervisor of Kai Zhang PhD Applied Finance: Estimating high frequency volatility in the Australian equity market and it's applications Full Time (Enrolled Dec 2013)
  • Principal Supervisor of Christoph Meier PhD (Co-tutelle Mahidol University, Thailand) Applied Finance: Momentum Strategies: The role of intertemporal variation of investor confidence Full Time (Enrolled at MQ Nov 2014 for 2 years)
  • Associate Supervisor of Yike Ding PhD Accounting: Factors driving memory failure in Accounting Full Time (Enrolled Feb 2013)
  • Associate Supervisor of Sami Aoude PhD Applied Finance: Risk premiums and derivative pricing in electricity markets

Student Engagement

  • Mentoring first year students: FBE FIRST step mentoring program (2013 Present)
  • Mentor and judge in a intra university stock pitch challenge. (2012 Present)
  • Work with industry mentor in assisting and interviewing students for placements in the financial planning industry. (2013 Present)

Editorship / Referee

  • Referee for Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Economic Modelling
  • Deputy editor of Energy Science and Technology (Open Access Journal CS Canada)
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