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Brennen group

Brennen Group

Research Interests

Nature is a wondrous place and it’s not a finished product. I grew up in Alaska and received my PhD in theoretical physics from the University of New Mexico under the advisement of Prof. Ivan Deutsch. Following post-doc positions at NIST Gaithersburg/UMaryland, and the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information in Austria I assumed an Assoc. Prof. position at Macquarie in 2007. My main interests are how to use physical laws we know, particularly quantum mechanics, to probe in ever more exquisite detail the manifestations of nature — from elementary interactions to the collective behaviour of complex many particle systems. With new engineered quantum systems we can build quantum enhanced sensors like magnetometers and gravimeters to full bore quantum computers that open up entirely new playgrounds of exploration.


Dr Sukhi Singh (Postdoc)
Dr Rob Pfeifer (Postdoc)
Ayeni Babatunde (PhD)
Nathan McMahon (PhD, co-supervised with Prof. G. Milburn at U. Queensland)

Recent Alumni

Dr Lauri Lehman – PhD awarded 2013 (currently post-doc at U. Aachen)
Trond Linjordet – MS awarded 2013
Dr Gerardo Paz-Silva (co-supervised with Prof. J. Twamley) – PhD awarded 2011 (currently post-doc at U. Amherst, USA)
Dr Mauro Cirio (co-supervised with Prof. J. Twamley) – PhD awarded 2014 (currently post-doc at Rikken Japan)
Dr Tomasso Demarie (co-supervised with A. Prof. D. Terno) – PhD awarded 2014 (currently post-doc at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Singapore)
Dr Andrew Darmwan (co-supervised with Prof. S. Bartlett at U. Sydney) – PhD awarded 2014


S. Iblisdir, M. Cirio, O. Boada, and G.K. Brennen Low Depth Quantum Circuits for Ising Models (2014) Annals of Physics 340, 205

T. Demarie, T. Linjordet, N. Menicucci, and G.K. Brennen Detecting Topological Entanglement Entropy in a Lattice of Quantum Harmonic Oscillators (2014) New Journal of Physics 16 085011

S. Singh, R. Pfeifer, G. Vidal, and G.K. Brennen Matrix Product States and Efficient Simulation of Anyons (2014) Physical Review B 89, 075112

L. Lehman, V. Zatloukan, G.K. Brennen, J.K. Pachos, and Z. Wang Quantum Walks with Non-Abelian Anyons (2011) Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 230404

G. K. Brennen and A. Miyake Measurement-based quantum computer in the gapped ground state of a two-body hamiltonian (2008) Phys. Rev. Lett. 101(1):010502

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