HDR Students

HDR Students

Higher Degree Research (HDR) Students

NameSupervisorThesis Topic
Syed Muzahir AbbasProf. Karu Esselle
Antennas and Components for Modern Telecommunication Systems including Wireless Body Area Networks
Perzila AraProf. Michael HeimlichLocalisation system for body area network

Affan Aziz Baba

Prof. Karu Esselle

Radiation Enhancement of Extremely truncated Resonant Cavity Antennas

Meriam BautistaProf. Eryk DutkiewiczEnergy Harvesting for Medical Implant Applications
Ruthi DellowProf. Michael HeimlichElectrical Impedance Myography to Measure Changes in Muscle in Motor Neurone Disease
Jie DingProf. Eryk DutkiewiczUWB wireless body area network design and optimisation
Shilun FengDr David Inglis Microfluidic needle for implantable drug delivery system
Mian Shahzad IqbalProf. Karu EsselleFrequency and Time Domian Characterization of UWB Dielectric Resonator Antenna
Khalid JohaniA/Prof, Karen VickeryThe Microbiome of Medically Relevant Biofilms
Rajas KhokleProf. Karu EsselleRF Coils for Hyperpolarized 129 Xenon based functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Lungs
Ali Lalbakhsh Prof. Karu Esselle

Phase correction and beam steering for Fabry-Perot resonator antenna

Budhaditya MajumdarProf. Karu EsselleBeam Steerable Planar Antennas
Mohammad MohammadiProf. Eryk DutkiewiczOptimisation of UWB medical body area networks
Michael NguyenDr. David InglisFabrication And Testing Of A Droplet-Based Microfluidic Neural Implant
Edy PutuProf. Eryk DutkiewiczFalls and Near-Falls Detection Using Wearable Sensors
Roy B. V. B. SimorangkirProf. Karu EsselleWearable Antenna for Body Centric Communications
Guanglou ZhengDr. Gengfa FangResearch into Security and Safety of Medical Body Area Networks Protocols and Algorithms
Jie ZhouProf. Eryk DutkiewiczHeuristic Evolutionary Algorithms for Wireless Body Area Networks


NameSupervisorThesis Topic
Ayobami Iji (PhD)Prof. Michael HeimlichAnalog RF Front-End IC Design for Ultra-Wideband Implantable Wireless Body Area Network Radio
Shahidul Islam (PhD)Prof. Karu EsselleAntennas for Implantable Wireless Telemetrys
Haichao Jing (Hons)Prof. Karu EsselleSD-card Interface for RDID-based Implantable Wireless Telemetry System
Joshua Larietti (Hons)Prof. Karu EsselleCompression of ECG waveforms for efficient Wireless Telemetry
Basit Ali Zeb (PhD)Prof. Karu EsselleMulti-Frequency and Wideband Resonant-Cavity Antennas with Novel Superstructures

Undergraduate Final Year Thesis Projects

  • Online multidisciplinary clinical case studies
  • Pillow charger for use with battery powered implants
  • Wireless intracranial pressure monitor
  • Construction of an antropomorphic radiation sensitive thorax phantom for the simulation of image guided radiotherapy
  • Detection and sorting of leads in Cochlear implantable microphone
  • Validation of model of particle motion in microfluidics
  • Positive pressure micropump for a compliant NG tube
  • 3D Printing a custom nasogastric tube
  • Design of blood plasma skimming device
  • A relational agent to promote adherence to treatment advice for children with chronic conditions
  • Intelligent annurysm clip
  • Surgical simulation and training program
  • Medical image segmentation software development in 3D slicer
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