Research Program Director
Prof. Alberto Avolio

Industry Engagement Director
Prof. Michael Heimlich

Ethics Director
Prof. Wendy Rogers

Research Lead – Cardiovascular Applications
Prof. Itsu Sen

Research Lead – Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy Technologies
Prof. Yves De Deene

Research Lead – Implant Wireless Platforms
Prof. Karu Esselle

Research Lead – Implant Materials and Sensors
Prof. Candace Lang

Research Lead – Implants for Neurological Applications
Dr David Inglis


External Advisory Board

David Bull (BCS Innovation, Australia) Chair
Jan Jansen (Cochlear, Australia)
Dr. Bob Frater (Resmed, Australia)
Stephen Swift (Mircosemi, USA)
Dr. Simon Mahon (M/A-COM Australia/USA)
Prof. Koichi Ito (Chiba University, Japan)
Prof. Matti Hämäläinen (Oulu University, Finland)
Prof. Barbara Messerle, Executive Dean, Faculty of Science & Engineering (Macquarie University)
Prof. Roger Chung, Associate Dean, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences (Macquarie University)

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