About us

About us

Our mission is to conduct leading-edge R&D into wireless medical devices and their applications

Our aims

We aim to develop wireless and sensing technologies for use in a variety of medical devices. Medical applications targeted in our research include vascular processes monitoring, neuro-stimulation, drug delivery and testing, early glaucoma diagnosis, orthopaedics and radiotherapy. Our focus is on medical implant devices.


WiMed members come from the fields of Engineering, Medicine and Science. In Engineering our expertise includes electronic devices, wireless technologies, sensing and actuating technologies, materials, medical imaging and radiotherapy. In Medicine our expertise includes vascular processes, neuro-stimualation, ophthalmology and orthopaedics. The research within the Centre is underpinned by expertise in mathematics and statistics. For specific areas of expertise please consult profiles of the members.


WiMed brings together extensive laboratory and clinical facilities of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and Macquarie University Hospital. Engineering facilities include VLSI, antenna and wireless communications design, prototyping and testing laboratories and mechanical and materials laboratories. Medical facilities include animal experimentation laboratories, neuroscience laboratory and haemodynamics laboratory. Macquarie University Hospital provides facilities for clinical trials of medical devices.

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