Centre of Australian Category Theory (CoACT)

Centre of Australian Category Theory (CoACT)

The Centre of Australian Category Theory (CoACT) develops an algebra of widespread applicability for the synthesis and analysis of systems and processes in fields as diverse as physics and computer science, and also mathematics itself. Although having operated as a coherent group since the founding of the on-going Australian Category Seminar in 1971, CoACT was formally established in 1999.


To provide the environment for the top international centre for higher-dimensional category theory and a major international centre for general category theory.


To pursue vigorously research into those parts of mathematics and computer science which find natural expression and advancement in terms of category theory and to train the highest-quality research students.

More information about CoACT can be found in the History, Objectives, Performance Indicators and Benchmarks and Constitution.

Category Theory 2013

In July 2013, the Centre for Australian Category Theory hosted the international conference Category Theory 2013

Further Information

We welcome your enquiries about our work - please contact the Director Professor Ross Street.

View records of the Australian Category Seminar, a focal point of CoACT's scientific activities.

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