ACAC Seminar Abstract

ACAC Seminar Abstract

ACAC Seminars

ACAC Seminar Abstract

Real-life cryptography, better known as information security - Bridging the gap between academic and industrial crypto

Speaker: Stephan Overbeek
Date, Time: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 14:00

Cryptography is an interesting and important field. Overrated by cryptographers and underrated by everyone else, cryptography plays its role in the protection of information.

When it comes to cryptography, there seems to be quite a distance between industry and academia. Is this crypto-divide justified? What does academic cryptographic research mean to industry? Can industry advance better when using theoretical results? What does industrial or commercial crypto mean to academic research? Should researchers try to address more real-life issues?

In this interactive presentation, Stephan will give a quick overview of the crypto-divide. He will explain the role and place of crypto in the broader field of information security. The majority of this seminar is a facilitated discussion among the attendees addressing the questions raised above.

During this presentation, Stephan will address up to three case studies:

  • Credit cards are deployed throughout the world. For cryptographers, the credit card system is fundamentally flawed. Why and how can the credit card system still be so successful?
  • Today, email is ubiquitous, and many people like the idea of secure email, yet secure email is still far from widely deployed. Why is this?
  • The secure environment - does it exist or is it a myth?
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