News and events

News and events


Synthetic Biology Australasia Conference, 21-22 Sept 

Following the success of the inaugural Cutting Edge Symposium in 2016, Synthetic Biology Australasia will again be hosting a regional two-day conference to bring together the research community working in this field. Please see further information here.

MQ Biomolecular Discovery & Design Research Centre funding workshop

On Monday 17 July 2017, the BDDRC held an information session on current research funding opportunities available in our research area, as well as the new changes to the NHMRC funding rules. Many thanks to all for contributing to a very informative funding workshop, our Q & A Panel, and our speakers, who have provided access to their presentation slides below (MQ staff only):

1) "Pilot Industry Partnership Project Funding and Opportunities in the Defence Sector

Mark Berlage, Research Partnerships Manager, Research Office 

2) “The Continuous ARC Linkage Projects scheme and changes the NHMRC funding structure” 

Courtney Bendall and Ross Hill, Research Development Consultant, Research Office


Congratulations to our PhD candidates who presented their projects at departmental HDR seminar days on Mon 19 June and Tues 20 June 2017.

Final (3rd year) talks

Vineet Vaibhav (supervisor Prof. Paul Haynes): Identification of disease resistant protein biomarkers in Sydney Rock Oysters

Shi Xian Edward Moh (supervisor Prof. Nicki Packer): Platforms for in vitro glycoengineering of proteins

Irene Justiniano (supervisor Prof. Robert Willows): Studies on GPC1 as a biomarker for cancers of the urinary tract

Mafruha Tasnin Hasan (supervisor Prof. Helena Nevalainen

Introductory (1st year) talks

Rachit Bansal (supervisor A/Prof. Anwar Sunna): Probing the binding mechanism of a solid binding peptide

Bishal Khatiwada (supervisor Prof. Helena Nevalainen): Establishing a molecular toolbox for Euglena gracilis

Monica Espinosa Gomez (supervisor Prof. Ian Paulsen): From one to many: Synthetic yeast chassis for C1 metabolism

Dennis Díaz Rincón (supervisor A/Prof. Anwar Sunna): Protein nanocages for the localized and controlled delivery of drugs

Belinda Fabian (supervisor Prof. Ian Paulsen): Genetic factors influencing biocontrol bacteria colonisation of plant surfaces

Kalpeshkumar Giri (supervisor Dr Alfonso Garcia-Bennett): Understanding the effects of protein coronas on drug release from mesoporous particles

Michael Lau (supervisor Dr Alfonso Garcia-Bennett)

Harry Tjondro (supervisor Dr Morten Thaysen-Andersen): Structures and roles of novel granule-specific N-glycosylation in human neutrophils

Ehsan Kachooei (supervisor Dr Louise Brown): Phosphorylation impact on cardiac troponin structure and dynamics

iGEM - grant success

Congratulations to the Dept CBMS Macquarie Australia 2017 iGEM team who were awarded $10,000 in support from the NSW State Govt Research Attraction & Acceleration Program (RAAP). The funds will be used to support the student team to participate in the international Genetically Engineered Machine “iGEM” competition for the 8th year. 

CSIRO Future Science Fellowships - awarded to Thomas Williams and Briardo Llorente   

Congratulations to Thomas Williams and Briardo Llorente on their success in the CSIRO Future Science Fellowships. There were only eleven of these prestigious postdoctoral fellowships awarded in the Synthetic Biology Future Science platform, and Macquarie will be well represented by these two outstanding researchers.

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