Achieve fundamental advances in security concepts and techniques and their application to distributed system and networked computing technologies.

Thorough conducting and exploiting world class research.

To enable secure design of policies, systems and applications and to improve security in organizations


Our research addresses security techniques for Distributed Systems, Cloud Infrastructures, Internet and Web Centric Applications, Service Oriented Architectures, Wireless and Mobile Networks, Mobile Devices and Information Appliances.

Our research is aimed at

  • Improving the understanding of the security requirements for distributed systems and networks
  • Developing security and trust models
  • Designing Security Services and Mechanisms and their Security Management
  • Conducting Formal Verification and Analysis of Security Properties
  • Developing Practical Security Solutions for various Business Segments such as Healthcare, Financial, Defense and Internet applications

Current Scope of Research

Distributed Systems Security

  • Theory and Design of Distributed System Security Architecture
  • Scalable Secure Policy based Dynamic Distributed Systems
  • Secure Distributed Authorization in Service Oriented Architectures
  • Security Policy Specification Language and Management
  • Trust Management Architecture for Distributed Systems
  • Trust Models, Policies and Negotiation
  • Integration of Trust with the Distributed Infrastructures
  • Trust Enhanced Secure Distributed Applications
  • Security for Distributed and Virtual Enterprises

Cloud Security and Virtualization

  • Secure Cloud Data Storage
  • Security and Trust Services in Cloud Infrastructures
  • Security Models for Virtual Machine based Systems
  • Access Security Policies and Hypervisors
  • Intrusion Detection Techniques using Virtualization
  • Trusted Platforms and Virtualization

Networks Security

  • Network Security Architecture
  • Broadband and Internet Security
  • Counteracting Distributed Denial of Service Attacks in Networks
  • Secure Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Networks
  • Decentralized Trust Management in Self-Organized Dynamic Networks
  • Secure Location Management in Networks
  • Secure Multicasting and Dynamic Group Management
  • Secure Network and Service Management
  • Wireless Security

Mobile System Security

  • Mobile Software Security
  • Trust Models and Management for Mobile Agents
  • Privilege and Policy Management
  • Secure Agent based Applications

Trusted Computing

  • Trusted Platform Technologies
  • Property based Attestation
  • Trust Models
  • Trust Enhanced Secure Peer to Peer Applications
  • Trust Model for Web based Interactions

Secure Internet Applications

  • Secure ECommerce Applications
  • Secure Internet Voting
  • Secure Internet Games
  • Secure Internet Auctions and Internet Gambling
  • Secure Fair Exchange Protocols
  • Secure Peer to Peer Computing

Security Theory and Analysis

  • Formal Reasoning about Security
  • Logic based Analysis of Security Policies and Protocols
  • Security Policy based Reasoning
  • Synthesis of Systems with required Security and Safety Properties
  • Formal Security Specifications and Verification

Professor Varadharajan is grateful to a number of sponsoring institutions and funding agencies who support Advanced Cyber Security Research Centre (previously known as INSS Research).

These include :
Australian Government Australian Research Council

Australian Government Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Australian Government Department of Defence Intelligence and Security



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