Theme 2: Enhancing educational opportunities for children

Theme 2: Enhancing educational opportunities for children

Theme2   Enhancing educational opportunities for childrenThis research theme investigates ways to enhance educational opportunities for children, especially those who are experiencing disadvantage and/or marginalisation.

Research will focus on factors which support children's learning and development from birth, including effective curriculum, pedagogy and professional learning programs.

Theme 2 Leader: Associate Professor Sheila Degotardi or visit her profile page on the Institute of Early Childhood website


Dr Kelly-Anne Baird

A/Prof Mark Carter

Dr Sandra Cheeseman

Dr Yeshe Colliver

Dr Kathy Cologon

Dr Katey De Gioia

A/Prof Sheila Degotardi

Dr Emilia Djonov

Dr Camilla Gordon

Dr Fay Hadley

Dr Marina Hatzigianni

Dr Kate Highfield

Dr Kerry Hodge

Dr Saskia Kohnen

Dr Helen Little

Ms Yany Lopez

Ms Judith McKay-Tempest

Dr Anne McMaugh

Dr Carol Newall

Dr Amanda Niland

A/Prof Marina Papic

A/Prof Mridula Sharma

A/Prof Sandie Suchet-Pearson

Assoc Prof Marina Papic

Ms Cara Swit

Ms Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen

Professor Manjua Waniganayake

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