Partnering with Teen Parents

Partnering with Teen Parents

The Partnering with Teen Parents curriculum in CD format is now available through the Parents as Teachers e-store at Remember that the curriculum is available to all professionals across disciplines. Persons in Affiliated PAT programs receive a 15% discount on their purchase.

The curriculum contains over 1,100 pages and toolkit cards which include an enhanced focus on:

  • Supporting adolescents in their development of life skills as they approach adulthood.
  • Building family well-being capacity in areas of education, employment, and finances.
  • The mutual influences and potential impacts of the parallel development needs of adolescents and young children.
  • Parent-child interaction using this four-part technique: "Watch, listen, and wonder, then respond."
  • The important role of the father, whether or not he is together with the child's mother.

The parent handouts contain reflective prompts, problem-solving scenarios, and other tools to help teen parents relate to and retain the information. Each professional resource contains suggestions for organizing and conducting effective home visits and group connections, including activities related to the topic.

The cost of the Partnering with Teen Parents curriculum is $299USD.

This is a great curriculum and we are excited about the support it will offer professionals working with teen and young parents.

There is a 2 day Partnering with Teen Parents training session offered by PAT National Centre in a number of states within the United States of America. 

This training is not currently available in Australia.

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