Media mentions

Media mentions


Cologon, K. (2016, March ). Explainer: What is differentiation and why is it poorly understood?. The Conversation


Warburton. W. A. (2015, November 20) Featured in APS Matters article “Member spotlight: Wayne Warburton MAPS” which discussed my APS Outstanding Lecturer in Psychology Award, my research, and my views on aggressive behaviour.

Warburton, W. A. (2015) Featured in story “Hang on to your prostate, here comes the hot healing power of chillies” by Andrew Masterson in the Melbourne Age and Sun Herald about my use of hot chilli sauce in aggression experiments. Available at:

Hayden, J. (2015, October 23). Quoted in the NewDaily. This is the best age to send your child to school" October 24, 2015

Highfield, K. (2015, October 9 & 12). Radio interviews for Kinderling’s Digital Playground. Available at:

Cologon, K. (2015, August 13). Inclusive education means all children are included in every way, not just in theory. The Conversation

Warburton, W. A. (2015, March 25).  Featured in story Macquarie Uni Psychologist’s 10 Tips for Kids Screen Time Available online at

Warburton, W. A. (2015, March 19). Appeared on Leon Byner Show, 5AA Adelaide, to talk about healthy media use.

Warburton, W. A. (2015, March 18). Featured in story Macquarie University psychologist Wayne Warbuton gives 10 tips for parents to ensure their kids play healthy video games by Sue Dunlevy on Available online at:

Warburton, W. A. (2015, March 15). Featured in story ‘Parents urged to take control of kids gaming’ in Adelaide Advertiser. Discussed stereotypes in video games and development of hostile biases.

Warburton, W.A. (2015, January). Featured in PACE video on workplace health and safety.

Warburton, W.A. (2015, January). Featured in Macquarie PACE video on rural placements. Available on you-tube at

Dr Kathy Cologon (2015, January) -  Interviewed for the Australian Educator on education of children with autism

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