#4 Making decisions about which interventions to use

#4 Making decisions about which interventions to use

Dr Sarah Carlon, Macquarie university, Special Education Centre

Making decisions about which interventions to use

When a child is diagnosed with a disability or developmental delay the parents may be presented with a range of different intervention options. These may be marketed by providers with commercial interests and can include educational and therapy based interventions, medications, medical treatments, and complementary and alternative medical (CAM) interventions.

While some interventions have empirical support, others are not based on or supported by research evidence. An overview of research related to how parents make decisions about interventions and the factors that are important to parents in their decision-making will be presented. This will be followed by tips on how parents can choose an intervention that is more likely to be effective for their child.

Sarah CarlonSarah Carlon is an early childhood special teacher and researcher. She holds a Master of Special Education degree and a PhD in Special Education, both from Macquarie University. Sarah has published research related to the intervention choices of parents of young children with autism spectrum disorders and the factors related to their decisions to use, reject, and/or discontinue the use of different interventions. Sarah has extensive experience working with children in inclusive early childhood environments, including training and mentoring educators to include infants and young children with disabilities in childcare.

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