#7 Changing the way we think about early intervention

#7 Changing the way we think about early intervention

Isla Chaney and Roslyn Bailey, Lifestart's clinical practice outreach and support service (CPOSS) - Illawarra / shoalhaven

Changing the way we think about early intervention

The Clinical Practice Outreach and Support Service (CPOSS) is a pilot program in the Illawarra/Shoalhaven region being implemented in light of recent research demonstrating that children learn best where they have strong, positive relationships with their parents and caregivers.

The CPOSS program is committed to supporting these relationships and coaching parents and caregivers to meet the child’s needs and the functional skills they need through every day activities. The CPOSS program is not a traditional method of early childhood intervention but instead uses a

transdisciplinary key worker approach. This presentation explores the findings of the reflective evaluation of this program. The workshop will also include a family story, their journey through the CPOSS program, and the challenges and strengths of the program.

Isla ChaneyIsla Chaney is a physiotherapist who has worked in the disability and health sectors for over 20 years.  Isla’s particular passion is to assist families to consider, and confidently choose, which services and supports best meet their particular needs. She strongly supports collaborative goal setting, and aims to provide intervention strategies that are relevant and meaningful to each particular family and the communities in which they belong. Isla has found that Lifestart’s use of the Key Worker model provides the flexibility necessary to assist families and communities with truly inclusive practice.

Roslyn BaileyRoslyn Bailey is a Speech Pathologist who has worked for over 20 years across the health, education and disability sectors both in Australia and the UK. Her current role with Lifestart CPOSS provides a rewarding, challenging space to be part of community change in identifying meaningful roles for children with a range of disabilities and supporting their families. Roslyn is passionate about creating inclusive environments for all children, particularly those with self-regulation difficulties and communication challenges.

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