PhD candidates

PhD candidates

PhD candidates

Mrs Nanditha Hettitantri - commenced 2012. Envisioning and developing child friendly environment for young children in post conflict contexts: a case study from Sri Lanka. Supervisor: Prof. Jacqueline Hayden Macquarie Research Excellence Scholarship, (MQRES).

Ms Yany Lopez - commenced 2011. The role and impact of children in planning and implementing effective DRR programs  in  a fragile context. Supervisors Dr Jacqueline Hayden, Dr Kathy Cologon and Dr Fay Hadley. International Macquarie Research Excellence Scholarship, (IMQRES)

Ms Zinnia Mevawalla - commenced 2011. Developing contextually relevant and multi-stakeholder constructions of quality through the use of Participatory Action Research in order to facilitate Civic Driven Change in Majority world contexts. Supervisors: Professor Jacqueline Hayden, Dr Fay Hadley and Dr Kathy Cologon. Macquarie Research Excellence Scholarship, (MQRES).

Ms Shi Jing Voon - commenced 2011. An Analysis of Malaysian-Chinese Parents' Negotiation of Identities as their Children Begin Early Childhood Education in Australia and Malaysia. Supervisors Dr Peter Whiteman & Associate Professor Ellie Vasta. Australian Postgraduate Award (APA).

Dr Sithu Wai  - commenced 2010. Post emergency recovery for young children: Assessing the needs and response. Supervisors: Professor Jacqueline Hayden and Dr Katey De Gioia.

Ms Lian Lu - commenced 2010. Cross cultural analysis of children's picture books in Australia. Supervisors Assoc. Prof Jane Torr and Dr Peter Whiteman. China Scholarship: International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) and Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship (MQRES).

Jiangbo (Helen) Hu - commenced 2010. Australian Chinese children's language experiences in home and childcare settings. Assoc. Prof Jane Torr and Dr Peter Whiteman. Australian Postgraduate Award (APA).

Farah Deeba - commenced 2009. Trauma-specific negative cognition in children and adolescents. Supervisors Prof Ron Rapee and Dr Wayne Warburton.

Pei Wen Chong (Jessica) - commenced 2009. Discourses, decisions, designs: An international comparative analysis of "special" educational policy making in New South Wales, England, Finland and Malaysia. Supervisors: Dr Linda Graham and Associate Professor Manjula Waniganayake. MQRES Scholarship.

Frances Hoyte - commenced 2009. Grouping gifted children together: Effects on social interactions and 'learning conversations'. Supervisors: Associate Professor Jane Torr and Dr Kerry Hodge.

Karen Menzies - commenced 2009. An investigation of the attitudes and practices of welfare practitioners working with aboriginal families.  Supervisors: Professor Jennifer Bowes and Dr Rebekah Grace. MQRES Scholarship.

Annaliza Jackson - commenced 2008. The relationship between hurt schemas and control aggression schemas under conditions of honour and shame as "cultural syndromes". Supervisors: Associate Professor Julie Fitness and Dr Wayne Warburton. MQRES scholarship.

PhD Candidates competed

Dr Rosalind Walsh - completed 2015. Catering for the needs of intellectually gifted children in early childhood settings: Developing successful intervention strategies. Supervisors: Professor Jennifer Bowes, Associate Professor Coral Kemp and Dr Kerry Hodge. MQRES Scholarship.

Dr Kelly Baird - completed 2015. Thesis title: Small voices, significant stakeholders: Young children's experiences of program participation and family change during involvement in a parenting program. Supervisors: Dr Frances Gibson Associate Supervisors: Dr Rebekah Grace, Dr Anne McMaugh. Rotary PhD Scholarship.

Dr Rozanna Lilley - completed 2015. Thesis title: Experiences of school choice and change for mothers of students diagnosed with autism.

Lisa Deters - commenced 2013. Developing and Redeveloping Early Childhood Education and Development in Fragile Situations: A Catalyst for Social Change. Supervisors: Professor Jacqueline Hayden and Dr Kathy Cologan.

Dr Loraine Fordham - completed 2010. Family-centred practice in early intervention: How do families of young children with special needs experience family-centred practice? Supervisors: Professor Jennifer Bowes, Dr Frances Gibson and Associate Professor Lindy McAllister (CSC), APA Scholarship.  

Dr Sui Mui Chan - completed 2009. Socialisation of emotion in Chinese children in Hong Kong.  Supervisors: Professor Jennifer Bowes and Dr Shirley Wyver.

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