About the Centre for Emotional Health

About the Centre for Emotional Health

The Centre for Emotional Health (CEH) is a Macquarie University Centre for research excellence which focuses on the understanding, treatment and prevention of anxiety, depression and other emotional health disorders. It includes the Centre for Emotional Health Clinic, a practising research clinic. Members of the Centre are researchers who have built international reputations in the area of psychology and other disciplines.

The Centre consists of 25 members each providing a unique blend of theoretical conceptualisation, experimental expertise with practical development and application. This focus has helped develop several "world-first" findings. The Centre is widely cited for its work on etiological modelling, low-cost dissemination of interventions, and prevention and early intervention.

Centre Members are regularly invited to present at international conferences, contribute to scholarly monographs, and hold positions on national and international bodies. We have established strong collaborative links with overseas researchers covering North America, Europe, and Asia.

Mission: Scientific evaluation of the origins, consequences, management and prevention of anxiety and related emotional difficulties across the lifespan.

Vision: to build an emotionally healthy community through science and practice.

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