CEPET Partnerships & Collaborations

CEPET Partnerships & Collaborations

RowingMacquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre

Researchers within CEPET are working with staff members of the Macquarie University Sports and Aquatic Centre on the science of elite athletic performance. The Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre supports some of Australia’s top competitive athletes through their Sport Scholarship program and deliver a diverse range of programs for campus and local community.

Macquarie University Sport and CEPET have partnered in a number of joint research projects:

Enjoying Water Activities in Australia

This study is currently being conducted by Mr Nicholas Vella to meet the requirements of Master of Organisational Psychology program under the supervision of A/Professor Barbara Griffin of the Macquarie University Department of Psychology. “Enjoying Water Activities in Australia” examines what water activities local and international students try in Australia and their attitudes towards these activities. The objective of this research is for findings to contribute to making Australia a safer and more enjoyable place to participate in water activities, particularly for international students. This project is being funded and sponsored by The Royal Life Saving Society of NSW.

Sustaining Elite Performance: Emotional Skills and Resilience in Australian Professional Cricketers

This research is led by Macquarie University’s Professor John Sutton, Deputy Director of the Department of Cognitive Science and Associate Professor Doris McIlwain from the Department of Psychology with a grant received from Macquarie University Enterprise Partnership Scheme (2013). 

This study is a five year project exploring the role of emotions in helping professional athletes to consciously and strategically modify their game plan, as well as look at how the stress of being a professional athlete affects their lives and their ability to perform at their peak. Findings from this research demonstrated that a combination of mental toughness, sensitivity and resilience are key to peak performance in professional cricketers.

The project is being implemented with the Australian Cricketers’ Association with elite cricketers playing at both national and state levels.

Co-operation and Resilience in Elite Sports Teams

This research was conducted by Associate Professor Doris McIlwain from the Department of Psychology investigating resilience and the ability of elite football players to “bounce back” following disappointments. This project was implemented with elite football players from the Matildas, young Matildas and AIS Men’s football team.  

The Use of Music to Enhance Skilled Timing in Athletic Performance

This project was conducted by Professor Bill Thompson and Supervising Researcher Mr Alex Chilvers from the Department of Psychology. Given that athletic activities such as swimming and rowing involve the timing of repetitive movements, the controlled timing of movements can lead to more stable and efficient performances. This study examined whether the use of music enhanced timing of movements and therefore athletics performance.

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