Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise, & Training (CEPET)

Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise, & Training (CEPET)

Exploring New Horizons in Human Performance

Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise and Training

The Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise, and Training (CEPET) is a cluster of research strengths at Macquarie University concerned with the cognitive, emotional, motor, and social processes by which individuals acquire, maintain, and adjust to elite levels of expertise and skill.

Our mission is to facilitate and promote research leading to the understanding of elite performance and expertise, with applied implications for training and practice.

Core members of the University Centre include a combination of researchers from Psychology, Cognitive Science, Linguistics, Anthropology, Music, and Computer Science. For more information regarding CEPET members, click here.

The Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre – which supports Australia’s top athletes and coaches – is a primary research and community partner. For more information regarding CEPET partners and collaborators, click here.

CEPET has also developed EXPERTise, a comprehensive psychological assessment that measures the way that people acquire and use information to make judgements in critical situations. For more information regarding resources and training offered by CEPET, click here.

For the latest CEPET new and events, click here.

For further enquiries, please email CEPET Centre Manager: Research and Engagement, Dr. Kirk Olsen (kirk.olsen@mq.edu.au).

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