FAQs | AIHI - Australian Institute of Health Innovation

FAQs | AIHI - Australian Institute of Health Innovation

Is the Licence Agreement for a single user, a group of researchers, or an institution?

The software is licensed to an individual researcher for their research project/s. The software can be used by researchers associated with the licensee’s project to collect data, whether at a single or multiple sites. Individual researcher names are not required for the licence agreement. However, if these researchers subsequently wish to conduct a new or extended research project, they need to seek their own licence. The initial licensee can use the WOMBAT software for other projects for the duration of the three-year licence.

Is the product licensed for only one tablet and server or can it be installed on multiple tablets and a back-up server?

You can install WOMBAT on as many tablets as required and it can be installed on a back-up server.

What device does WOMBAT require to run?

WOMBAT runs on the Android operating system.  Extensive modifications and testing have been undertaken on Android 4.2.2 and WOMBAT has also been found to operate on Android 4.4.2.  You can purchase any Android device running these operating systems, although we have found that 7-inch devices are the most comfortable for data collection staff.

Does WOMBAT require a 3G tablet?

A WiFi, 16GB model is sufficient to run WOMBAT.

Does WOMBAT come with a manual?

The three-year licence is accompanied by a detailed manual outlining how to set up and use the application.  The software needs to be hosted on a server and technical details for deployment are provided. Alternatively, we have a hosting option which is provided by a not-for-profit company, Intersect, who assisted in the development of the software.  Details on this hosting option can also be provided.

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