Background | AIHI - Australian Institute of Health Innovation

Background | AIHI - Australian Institute of Health Innovation

Health care reform and service innovation are the most pressing challenges to modern health care. Internationally health systems struggle to keep up with demand, driven by modern technologies, changing consumer preferences and an ageing population, and hindered by a diminishing workforce. Leading thinkers now see the radical reinvention of health care delivery, exploiting innovations in systems design and technology, as the only way of creating a health system that is sustainable and meets the needs and expectations of the community.

The Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI) was established in December 2007 and joined Macquarie University's Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in November 2014. Led by Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite, it brings together three well-established and successful research centres that work in the separate but related areas of clinical governance, health informatics and health systems and safety. These are respectively the Centre for Healthcare Resilience and Implementation Science directed by Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite, the Centre for Health Informatics directed by Professor Enrico Coiera and the Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research directed by Professor Johanna Westbrook.

The Institute provides national and international leadership in developing innovative research-led solutions to health care systems by capitalising on the success of the existing Centres. It fashions linkages with external research agencies, policy bodies and health care provider organisations, creating a strong national capability in scholarly activities and forging sustainable relationships with international bodies and researchers.

The Institute currently has approximately 100 research staff, associates, national and international visiting professors and fellows, including up to 30 doctoral, masters or honours research students.    It has experienced rapid growth and it is anticipated this will continue in the foreseeable future. The Institute is a multidisciplinary environment and operates with a philosophy of teamwork and mutual professional support and respect.

We strive to create a strong, inclusive environment for excellent scholarship, research activities and output.  This is the largest grouping of health services researchers in Australia and one of the largest in the world.  Our aim is to provide a productive culture and first class environment for health systems research, addressing critical issues arising in current health systems that cannot effectively be addressed by single-focus research centres.

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