Russian Government Scholarship 2014-2016

Russian Government Scholarship 2014-2016

The Russian Global Education program, which aims to send Russian students overseas for postgraduate studies, has been approved by the Russian Government. The program will run from 2014–2016 with a total budget of about RUB4.4 billion (A$137 million) for three years. A minimum of 1500 students will be sent overseas, with an estimated maximum amount of funding per student of RUB1.5 million (A$47 thousand).

A list of 225 foreign education institutions in 27 countries has been approved, including Macquarie University. The universities were selected based on the top 300 institutions in the Academic Ranking of World Universities, QS World University Rankings, and The Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

The ministry has published a list of priority areas (Russian language) against each participating institution. Macquarie University’s priority areas include:
  • Earth science
  • Applied geology, mining, oil and gas, geodesy
  • Education and pedagogical sciences

Visit our HDR Applications page for information about how to apply for a postgraduate research degree at Macquarie University, and the Research Training Pathway Program Applications page for information about how to apply for a Master of Research (MRes).

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