Master of research exchange

Master of research exchange

Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research Exchange Program

  • Outbound - Currently enrolled Macquarie University (Domestic/International) student participating in the MRES Exchange with an approved International Partner University
  • Inbound - International student currently enrolled with an approved International Partner University participating in the MRES Exchange  with Macquarie University for part of their candidature

  • Partners and potential inbound students can refer to our Master of Research Fact Sheet.

About the program

In 2015 Macquarie University introduced the MRES Exchange program in the newly created postgraduate degree structure, making it the first Australian university to fully align with Asian, European and North American qualifications. With greater international experiences for your qualifications, as a graduate of the new Master of Research, you will enjoy enhanced employment opportunities and pathways to further your studies and research overseas.

The Exchange program demonstrates our commitment to research excellence by providing you with a more intensive research experience abroad, before beginning your doctoral study, as well as better articulation and joint PhD options with overseas universities.

Why participate in an MRES exchange?

  • Increase the value of your Research Training
  • Employers will look favourably on your overseas experience - it shows initiative and a proactive approach to further develop your career opportunities
  • We live in an increasingly interdependent world, this is a great opportunity to network with academics in your field and work independently whilst adding value to your Macquarie University Degree.
  • Prepare the way for further research collaboration with International Universities for a Cotutelle or Joint PHD.


The subjects taken in the MRes Exchange Program taken overseas, will they count towards my credit points and my degree?

Yes. As an outbound MRES candidate, the subjects that you will be undertaking at our approved Partner University will need to be approved prior to your enrolment. A corresponding  Exchange unit will be recorded on your transcript which will be  counted towards your MRES degree. The candidates study plan will also need to be approved by the MRES Advisor.

What fees are payable for my MRES Exchange units?

There is no tuition fees payable at the Partner Universities. However, tuition fees are payable at the Home University. This is part of agreement of the exchange. But, students are expected to cover the cost of their accommodation, food travel insurance and additional expenses.

Are there any requirements to go on MRES Exchange Program?

The subjects need to be approved and in line with your program of study and fit in with the timeline of your MRES program. The details of the subjects to be undertaken are to be provided on the study plan section of your MRES Exchange Application Form. This will need to be considered and approved by the supervisor, MRES Director, the HDRO Director and Partner University.

Do I have to get my subjects approved before I apply for the exchange program?

Yes, all exchange units need to be approved before you undertake the MRES Exchange. It is important to speak with the MRES Advisor to make sure the MRES Exchange program fits in with your formally approved Study Plan of the MRES program.

How will my grades appear on the transcript?

Grades for the Exchange units will be converted to the Macquarie equivalent grades and will appear on the official Macquarie transcript.

Will I have to find a supervisor at my Partner University as well if I go in the second year?

It is important to speak with the Department MRES Advisor to make sure the MRES Exchange Program fits in with your MRES Study Plan agreed to with your supervisor. If you are planning to go on the MRES Exchange in your second year, you will need to work with your supervisor to find a suitable supervisor at the Partner University prior to the exchange. All exchange arrangements need to be approved before candidates undertake the Exchange.

Will the host University arrange accommodation or will I be allowed to find my own accommodation?

Candidates will need to arrange for their own accommodation at the Partner University. They may liaise with the partner institution for assistance with accommodation. Please contact the HDR Office for the appropriate contact at the partner institution.

For Outbound International students, does the OSHC provide insurance cover at the Host University?

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is medical insurance required by the Australian Government for students studying in Australia under a student visa. OSHC is only valid in Australia. If International candidates wish to undertake the MRES Exchange at one of our partner universities, they will have to arrange their own medical insurance for the exchange period while overseas. Upon their return to Australia, they may liaise with the OSHC provider to get a holiday credit.

The subjects I study can they be subjects outside my department?

This is approved on a case by case basis. Candidates need to discuss with the MRES Director for the units that they wish to take at the partner university. Units undertaken in the MRES Exchange need to be relevant to their MRES thesis or meet the requirements for their first year coursework component of the MRES and be approved by the Supervisor, MRES Director, HDRO Director and Partner University.

Who pays for my flights and general expenses of the MRES Exchange Program?

Candidates who are approved for MRES Exchange will be responsible for their own flights and living costs. There is no central funding to support MRES Exchange. Candidates may wish to check with the faculty to see if faculty funding is available.

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