Research project case studies

Research project case studies

M/A-COM Technologies

Macquarie and M/A-COM technologies have been collaborating on high performance electronics for wireless systems for over ten years.   The modelling, characterisation and measurement systems developed have allowed Macquarie to be recognized around the world as a leader in this area while M/A-COM technologies has created ground breaking products which redefine the state of the art in telecommunications.

Human factors and the energy sector

With the reliance on fewer staff in high technology environments, accurate diagnosis is an essential skill to ensure efficient performance and avoid accidents and the loss of life. This study examines the role of cues in the development of diagnostic skills amongst power system controllers. Using a newly developed, four stage theoretical model of cue utilisation, we will test controllers from four different organisations in Australia and New Zealand across a three year period. 

The outcomes include a comprehensive understanding of the development of diagnostic expertise that will inform selection, interface design, training interventions, accident investigation, and performance assessment across a range of high technology control systems.

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