Collaboration and partnerships

Collaboration and partnerships

Pursuing excellence through collaboration

Macquarie University is has a long and distinguished track record of conducting collaborative research with industry, government (federal, state and local), along with NGO's and philanthropic organisations. In fact, Macquarie is among the top five Australian universities for international research collaboration.*

Macquarie and its researchers have led or contributed to world-leading research with world-changing impact. We are innovative and adaptable, and engage with our partners to identify major challenges to address.

Our researchers understand that they need to listen to your needs and aim to do meaningful, necessary and impactful research. We work collaboratively with you to develop strategies and teams to deliver our projects.

Learn more about what Macquarie can offer you – our research capabilities, potential funding options for research projects, ways to work and partner with Macquarie University, and about our team.

*Thomson Reuters Web of Science 2008 - 2012

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