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Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies

ACANS - Hadrian coin

The Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies (ACANS) was established in 1999 following a bequest from Dr W.L. Gale and Mrs J. Gale. It is a Faculty of Arts Research Centre at Macquarie University which is attached to the Department of Ancient History.

The mission of ACANS is to promote the study of ancient numismatics through initiatives in teaching and research and to provide support for these activities through the development of a library and numismatic collection. Its annual staff include senior and junior visiting fellows and the Gale visiting lecturer. As part of its role as a national leader in ancient numismatics, ACANS undertakes a wide program of research projects, exhibitions, conferences and publications.

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International Conference on Metallurgy, Mines, Numismatics and Archeaology (20-22 April, 2015). This conference features the application of XRF spectrometry, but also embraces a wide ranging interest in current technologies and methods for the scientific study of ancient coinage. Read More.

Digital Exhibitions

Ephesus coin.

The Coinage of Ephesus

ACANS - Caesar

The Coinage of Julius Caesar


EVENT: Exhibition of the Hansen collection of Roman coins. Opening Friday 20th of February at 6.30pm in the Museum of Ancient Cultures.

EVENT: International Conference on Metallurgy, Mines, Numismatics and Archaeology (20-22 April 2015)

Research Spotlight:

ANSTO - Photo Credit: Chris Stacey.

 The Coinage of Metapontum

ACANS has joined forces with scientists from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) to investigate the ancient technological process employed to mint the coins of Metapontum. Read More...


Dr Mando Caramessene-Oeconomides, the distinguished Greek numismatist, has passed away in Athens on Monday 19th of January 2015. Dr Oeconomides was the director of the Numismatic Museum of Athens from 1964 until 1994, and an emerita curator of the museum after this date. She was indeed a person of great warmth and charm. Inevitably generous with her time and always willing to find a way to make the resources of the Numismatic Museum available to all students. Truly, a treasured figure in the numismatic world.

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ACANS, Faculty of Arts Rm 341, X5B, Macquarie University, NSW 2109 

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