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Improving the sentencing of environmental crimes

Environmental crime, such as pollution or clearing native vegetation without approval, is a relatively new area of criminal law. It has unique characteristics which can lead to punishments that don’t fit the crime. An important question for governments around the world is how to design laws that target environmental crime effectively.

Vanuatu 2016 research team: Back left; Roger, Dana, Tom, Sonia   Seated: Kirsten Davies ( academic), Quintin ( external student on Skype) and Chris

Climate Law in the South Pacific

Pacific Island Countries are among the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, yet they have negligibly contributed to the historical emissions of greenhouse gasses.

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Reef Fish and Energy Use

Modelling ecological phenomena on the basis of energy and materials available in the environment provides a deeper understanding of the environmental constraints to life. Reef fishes represent the most species-rich group of vetebrates and occupy diverse habitats that vary substantially in temperature across the globe.