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Managing Knowledge

Associate Professor John Dumay of the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance is an expert in knowledge management and a member of the Australian Government Consultative Committee on Knowledge Capital. After working as a consultant over fifteen years, John joined academia and has applied many of the techniques learned throughout his consulting career to the academy. John applies his research to real industry problems, treating collaboration projects as consulting assignments.


Distinguished Professor James Guthrie

Distinguished Professor James Guthrie has a long history of research impact upon industry and government. His work on performance reporting, accounting for intellectual capital and sustainability accounting have pioneered new approaches to accounting. James has regularly been sought out by government and industry for advice and ideas.

Professor Chris Patel

International Accounting Supervision

Professor Chris Patel continues to cultivate the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance’s strong reputation for higher degree research in international accounting. This strength was founded on the pioneering work of the late Associate Professor Jill McKinnon and Professor Graeme Harrison.

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Managing Impressions at Work

People travel for all sorts of reasons and often find themselves in unfamiliar cultural settings. Increasing numbers of professionals are having to learn language skills that encompass far more than just verbal and written communication. Professor Lynda Yates investigates the nuanced ways in which we work and how difficult it can be to communicate in a culturally different workplace.