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Backpacking around Australia

Living in Australia for an extended period of time offers opportunities for language learning, skills acquisition, and cultural exchange. In 2015, over 14,000 young German nationals embarked on a work and travel gap year, constituting the largest group of working holidaymakers from a non-English speaking background.

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Improving the sentencing of environmental crimes

Environmental crime, such as pollution or clearing native vegetation without approval, is a relatively new area of criminal law. It has unique characteristics which can lead to punishments that don’t fit the crime. An important question for governments around the world is how to design laws that target environmental crime effectively.


A new chronology for the Ancient Near East

How do we know when things happened in the distant past? One researcher at MQ is doing some groundbreaking research for her PhD to find out. Combining her twin passions for archaeology and physics, Lyndelle Webster is using both radiocarbon (C14) and Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) to date organic remains and pottery at the site of Tel Azekah in Israel. In doing so, she expects to solve some long-standing chronological problems that affect much of the region of southwest Israel during the 2nd and 1st millenia BCE.


The Lithosphere Shopping Centre

Diamonds are produced in the mantle by super-high pressure which can be reached only under the very thick continents. The more ancient the continent, the more thicker the lithosphere and the more chances to have diamonds there.