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Image courtesy of Robin Blumfield, CCD

A history of firsts

The first MEG system in the Southern Hemisphere, the world’s first child MEG system and the world’s first MEG brain imaging system for people with hearing devices – the KIT-MQ Brain Research Laboratory is a hub of innovation.

Professor Griffin’s has delivered major world-first developments in geochemical analysis that have revolutionised methods for determining the timing of geological events, many widely adopted as new tools by the mineral exploration industry.  His research has opened a window to the composition, structure and time of formation the deep Earth and its crust on which we live.

Distinguished Professor William Griffin

Professor Griffin came to Australia in 1986 to join CSIRO, becoming Chief Research Scientist in a short time. He then helped to establish the GEMOC ARC Key Centre at Macquarie, and was the Leader of Industry Interaction and Technology Development.


The Lithosphere Shopping Centre

Diamonds are produced in the mantle by super-high pressure which can be reached only under the very thick continents. The more ancient the continent, the more thicker the lithosphere and the more chances to have diamonds there.