Research Excellence Awards

The launch of the Strategic Research Framework (2015 – 2024) at the 2014 Research Excellence Awards marked the beginning of a ten-year plan to strategically invest resources across a range of disciplinary and cross-disciplinary areas.  As part of this investment, the 2015 Research Excellence Awards category Excellence in Research will align with the 5 new future-shaping research priorities outlined in the Strategic Research Framework and features 5 awards each linked to one of the 5 future-shaping priorities. As Macquarie moves into the implementation and delivery of the Strategic Research Framework, these priorities, and the associated themes and streams that have been framed by our research community, will embody the areas of research excellence for which we want to be known.

The future-shaping research priorities have been developed as a means of aligning the University’s current and emerging areas of disciplinary research strength with the significant challenges of today and tomorrow. Their breadth and local, national and global relevance offer researchers a considerable level of stability over the next 10 years.

Our future-shaping research priorities have been identified as cross-disciplinary areas in which we either have, or wish to build, research capacity that aligns with the national research agenda and global challenges of significance. The University’s commitment to these research priority areas is a commitment to impact, to making a difference and to measuring that effect. Macquarie will take focused steps to support and grow the areas articulated in our research themes and streams while maintaining an agile and opportunistic approach to new areas of growth potential.


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