Macquarie University International Scholarships

Macquarie has one of the most generous scholarship programs in Australia, providing many opportunities each year to international students to undertake studies here.

Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarships

Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarships have been designed to recognise academic excellence and provide financial assistance for international students. These scholarships are country-specific and will be awarded progressively throughout the year to future applicants.

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Country scholarships

Macquarie University is proud to support students with citizenship from specific countries through its generous scholarship programs. Our country scholarships are available for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework applicants (excluding research degrees) who meet the eligibility criteria, accept their offer and pay the commencement fee. Students are only required to apply for their course, and will be automatically assessed and awarded based on their eligibility for the scholarship.

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Partner Scholarship

These scholarships are available to students based on agreements we have with Macquarie's partners. This includes, but isn't limited to, students who enrol in a dual degree program. It's a partial scholarship and only offered once to new commencing students for study at our North Ryde campus.

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Study Abroad Scholarships

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