Disclosure to third parties

Disclosure to third parties

To whom do we disclose your information?

When the University collects personal or health information from you (or shortly thereafter) the University notifies you as to how it uses your information and the sorts of third parties to whom we usually disclose your information. The privacy collection notices on the University website outline how the University uses and discloses your personal and health information which is collected upon enrolment, admission, employment and when you enter the University as a visitor or access University websites.

How do we respond to requests for personal or health information we hold?

From time to time, the University is requested by another party to provide information about you that the University holds.  Some examples include:

  • Your parents contacting the University to seek  an update of your academic progress;
  • the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) requesting information for the purposes of reviewing your overseas student visa;
  • NSW police seeking confirmation of your enrolment details at the University for an investigation.

For any given request, the University will not disclose your personal or health information to a third party without your consent unless it is permitted,  authorised or required to do so under  privacy laws or under another law or statute or it is otherwise in accordance with the University's policies. The University must disclose the requested information when it is issued with a subpoena or a warrant.

If you have any concerns about how your personal or health information is being used or disclosed, please contact the privacy officer of the University at privacyofficer@mq.edu.au or 02 9850 4587.

Further details regarding the law relating to the use and disclosure of personal or health information is available in the University's privacy management plan.

Disclosure in contracts

When the University enters into contracts with third parties where personal or health information is disclosed to that third party, the University will require that the third party is bound by the same or equivalent privacy laws and obligations with respect to confidentiality to ensure protection of that information.

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