Shuttle Bus

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The shuttle bus stops are located at:

Shuttle Bus Route 1:

  • Macquarie University Train Station
  • Banksia Cottage (X6A)
  • X8 Carpark
  • C7A (Grass side)
  • Gymnasium Road
  • W19F
  • Y3A
  • Macquarie Drive (C3C)

Shuttle Bus Route 2:

  • Macquarie University Train Station
  • EMC2 Building (Innovation Road)
  • Macquarie University Hospital
  • E7B (Science Road)
  • MGSM


The Shuttle Bus follows a loop around Campus stopping at the points listed above. Click here for a map of the route.


The Shuttle Bus operates between 4pm and 12:30am, Monday to Friday during the semester. The service runs every 30 minutes. You can also download the Shuttle Bus Timetable (PDF) for reference.

Fees and Regulations

This service is free to all students, staff and visitors.