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What is an Ally?

An Ally is a staff member or student on campus who, through attending professional development, is aware of the issues faced by members of the GLBTIQ community. Allies become a point of contact on campus for anyone interested or affected by these issues, as well as an agent of change who challenges homophobia and heterosexism.


  • are staff or students
  • provide a confidential and safe environment for people to make enquiries about issues related to matters of sexual diversity and gender identity
  • show leadership through being publicly supportive of sexual diversity. Allies display a sticker at their workstation or office door and identifying themselves as MQ Allies
  • increase respect and inclusion of GBLTIQ staff and students
  • role model non discriminatory practices and language
  • pro-actively combat, wherever possible, homophobia and heterosexism on campus
  • provide information and are able to appropriately refer

Allies are NOT experts and may or may not be from the GLBTIQ community.

Sexual Diversity and Inclusive Language

Using inclusive language is an important part of creating an environment that recognises and affirms sexual diversity at Macquarie University. Heterosexist and hetero-normative language is language that overtly expresses bias in favour of heterosexuals; homophobic language overtly denigrates people with a range of non-normative sexual and/or gender identifications and preferences.

In response to a history of homophobia, and to widespread heteronormative sociocultural practices and uses of language, many identity terms have been used by a range of groups to describe their own sexual or gender identifications and practices.

Some of the major forms of heterosexist and/or homophobic language are:

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Inclusive Practice Guides for Supporting Gender and Sexual Diversity

Inclusive Practice Guide for the GLBTIQ Community

Inclusive Practice Guide for the Transgender Community

If you have any questions about Inclusive Practice Initiatives, or if you would like to learn more about the identities, rights and responsibilities of the GLBTIQ community and their supporters here at Macquarie University, please contact:

Jon Papadopoulo
Equity & Diversity Officer
GLBTIQ Coordinator / Ally Network
9850 6849

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Jonathon Papadopoulo
Equity and Diversity Officer
GLBTIQ Coordinator / Ally Network
Equity and Diversity Unit, Level 4, Building C5C, 
Macquarie University NSW 2109

Ph: +61 (0) 2 9850 6849

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