Fake news really making us sick: exposure to misinformation online linked to lower levels of HPV vaccine coverage

17 May 2017

New research published in Vaccine has demonstrated that vaccine coverage is lower in places where exposure to misinformation and conspiracies …


New Macquarie University research reveals which breast implants pose the greatest risk of implant-associated cancer

17 May 2017

Researchers have discovered that textured breast-implants are associated with Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). Following 55 cases of …


Musical kids might be better at identifying statistical patterns

15 May 2017

New findings suggest that musical training in kids makes them better at identifying statistical patterns hidden in both sound and …


Protecting endangered Tasmanian devils and their parasites

10 May 2017

A Giardia strain of parasite from humans has been detected in Tasmanian devils Human contamination of waterways and encroaching on …

Macquarie University receives $780,000 in funding for Australian Research Council Linkage Projects

5 May 2017

• Macquarie University has received a total of $780,000 in the recent round of ARC Linkage Project scheme announcements • …


Roommates not all they’re cracked up to be (if you’re a lizard)

3 May 2017

In a new study of lizard social behaviour, researchers at Macquarie University have discovered that despite their social nature, family-living …

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