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Student Guide to Echo360 Lecture Recordings

Students can access lecture recordings via the Echo360 EchoCentre page in iLearn. The Echo360 EchoCentre is linked through the Echo360 block.

Accessing Echo360 lecture recordings

  1. Locate the Echo360 block in your iLearn unit and click on the Launch EchoCentre... link.
    echo360 block
  2. The Echo Centre will appear.
    echo360 page
  3. Select a recording from the list of available recordings in the left pane. The details and playback options for that recording will appear in the right pane.
  4. If the recording is a video, click on the Play button in the right pane. The EchoPlayer will launch and stream the video.
  5. If the recording is a video, a downloadable M4V version of the video may be available via the Vodcast link in the right pane. Downloadable MP3 versions of the recording are available via the Podcast link.

graphic depiction of attentionNot all recordings are video. In the case that recordings are audio-only, the EchoPlayer (streaming) and Vodcast version will not be available.

  1. RSS feeds links are displayed at the bottom of the Echo Center. The URL of these links can be used to subscribe to the RSS feed of the unit’s recordings.

EchoPlayer (for streaming video)

  1. Click on the Play button for a selected video recording. A new page will load.
    graphic showing launch echo link
  2. Click on the Play button again to launch the EchoPlayer.
    graphic showing Launch EchoPlayer button
  3. Configuration options available are:
    • Broadband - Is the highest quality playback available. Will also playback the secondary video window if the video is of a display + video type.
    • Dial In - Plays the video in a lower quality setting optimised for lower bandwidth connection.
    • Screen Reader - An accessible audio-only version of the recording optimised for screen reader programs.
  4. The recording will start playing.
    screen shot showing video playing

Navigating the recording

You can navigate through the recording using the timeline and player controls along the bottom of the EchoPlayer. You can also control volume and visibility of the video window/s and the APPS window.

player controls in EchoPlayer


The APPS (Applications) menu extends the functionality of the EchoPlayer allowing you to go to a scene, bookmark scenes, search for keywords within a recording, and display information. To access the APPS menu click on the APPS button. A listing of all the different applications will appear.


Scenes displays a list of thumbnails, which represent a point in the video where the image content has changed. It is most useful for PowerPoint type recordings where a static image changes when the slides are progressed.

  1. Click Scenes in APPS.
    scenes button
  2. Scroll down the list of thumbnails and click on the scene you would like to view.
    screen shot showing list of video recordings
  3. Click Applications to return to the APPS menu.
    applications button


  1. Click Info in APPS.
    info button
  2. This lists information regarding the recording.
    graphic showing info field
  3. Click Applications to return to the APPS menu.
    applications button


  1. Click Help in APPS.
    help button
  2. This lists the University’s IT HelpDesk information and keyboard shortcuts.
    graphic showing help field
  3. Click Applications to return to the APPS menu.
    applications button


  1. Click Bookmarks in APPS.
    bookmarks button
  2. Enter a description of the bookmark and click Submit.
  3. Bookmarks can be used to return to an exact location in the recording. The EchoPlayer remembers all your bookmarks, so when you return you can review bookmarks.
    bookmarks interface
  4. Click Applications to return to the APPS menu.
    applications button

graphic depiction of attentionOnly you can see the bookmarks you create.



  1. Click Search in APPS.
    search button
  2. Enter a search term and click Submit.
    screen shot of search interface
  3. Links to scenes, which contain that term, are displayed. Click on the thumbnail of a scene to go to that point in the recording.
  4. Click Applications to return to the APPS menu.
    applications button

graphic depiction of attentionSearch works by examining text throughout the video. Success in searching can vary depending on the size and font of the text presented throughout the video. Search will only pick up on text. As a result, a search may return no results even though the lecturer mentioned the searched term at some point in the recording.

graphic depiction of attentionAlso see the student guide called "Downloading Echo360 recordings as Podcasts."



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