Tamara Haque

Tamara Haque

"I looked through the degree options at some of the top Australian universities and Macquarie was the only one that offered me this option, along with so many other exciting and enriching facilities."

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Tayeef Mahmood

"Macquarie is how a university should be - a balance of quality teaching, enjoyable environment, modern facilities and endless learning opportunities."

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Audri Biswas

"I think you need to have a passion for whatever you are studying in order to succeed. It's hard work but at the end of the course you are able to say that you achieved something for life."

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Sharmin Jahan Tania

"I have been very happy with the support my supervisors have provided. They give me time and flexibility, but at the same time set milestones for me to reach."

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Anupom Roy

Anupom Roy

The vibrant and supportive research environment in Macquarie's Anthropology department has helped Anupom Roy gain publication in a number of prestigious international journals.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Bangladeshi students choose Macquarie University
Top 5 Reasons - Number 1 Macquarie is Australia's number one modern university and is ranked number 1 in Australia and 16 in the world in the QS University Rankings "Top 50 Under 50".
Top 5 Reasons - Number 2 Macquarie's engineering researchers helped develop the WLAN technology breakthrough that underpins today's high-speed Wi-Fi.
Top 5 Reasons - Number 3 CEOs around the world rank Macquarie in the top 5 Australian universities for their graduate recruitment and in the top 100 in the world. New York Times 2012.
Top 5 Reasons - Number 4 Macquarie's unique location in Australia's largest high-technology precinct provides our staff and students with invaluable opportunities for learning, networking and career advancement.
Top 5 Reasons - Number 5 93.6 per cent of Macquarie graduates under the age of 25 are employed full-time within six months of completing their study. Australian Graduate Survey 2011.

From Bangladesh to Macquarie University - Sydney, Australia

Together Macquarie University and its students have formed multiple societies that cater for the great cultural diversity which makes Sydney one of the greatest cities in the world.  Whether you're trying to find a little bit of home, make new friends or have new experiences, Macquarie University's Student Groups can help you. 

Student Groups that may interest Bangladeshi Students include:

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