Areas of study

As a Study Abroad or Exchange student, you can tailor your study programs and receive full academic credit at your home university. 

Study Abroad and Exchange students can choose from most units offered at Macquarie. Find units of interest through the Macquarie University Handbook

An Australian context

Whilst studying at Macquarie, you have the opportunity to study units that are uniquely designed and presented within the Australian context. These units give you a chance to learn about Australian history, culture and Indigenous heritage. Check the handbook for more information and unit availability.

Undergraduate units

Postgraduate units

Restricted units

Study Abroad and Exchange Students are unable to study:

  • ABEP and ABEC - All Aboriginal Education Practice courses
  • ACCG611, 614, 615, 903-909, 921-927, BUS870 and BUS880 - Units from the Master of Accounting degrees
  • BCM - Bachelor of Community Management
  • ACCG898, ACCG899 Research Project B
    BUS890, BUS891, BUSL864, BUSL865, BUSL866, BUSL867, BUSL876, BUSL877 -
    Postgraduate Research Projects with the Faculty of Business and Economics
  • CHIR - All Chiropractic Studies courses
  • CMGT - All Community Management courses
  • ECFS - Master of Applied Finance
  • ECST - All Early Childhood Studies courses
  • HLTH - HLTH 300
  • MGSM - All Macquarie Graduate School of Management courses
  • ITEC - Most Information and Financial Studies courses
  • ITEC100 and ITEC102
  • TEP - All Teacher Education courses
  • BBA360: Business Project
  • BUS301: Business Policy
  • BUS303: International Business Project
  • HRM201: Workplace Relations
  • IRPG838: International Internship Program
  • IRPG846: International Relations Special Project
  • IRPG850: International Relations Special Project A
  • IRPG851: International Relations Special Project B
  • LAW488:Access to Justice Placement Program
  • MAS312: Advanced Screen Production 1
  • MAS313: Advanced Screen Production 2
  • MAS337: Advanced Radio Production and Broadcasting
  • MAS341: Advanced Digital Production
  • MAS316: Media Futures
  • MAS350: Media Internship