Session 3

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Session 3 is an opportunity to accelerate your studies by taking one or two units during summer. You can:

  • fast-track your degree and graduate earlier
  • enjoy an intensive study block
  • catch up units and reduce your workload for next year

Academic success

Session 3 has been very popular with students over the last two summers and their experience was overwhelmingly positive. On average, Session 3 students were more successful academically than students in other sessions.

Government funded

Session 3 is Commonwealth Supported for domestic students and is an official session in the Macquarie University academic calendar. The Australian Government allows us to offer Session 3 units at the regular HECS rates to students enrolled in Commonwealth Supported Places.

Intensive 'boutique session' study

Session 3 is more intensive than Session 1 and Session 2. It consists of a five-week study period and one week of exams. Due to the compressed format, students may take a maximum of two Session 3 units at once.

Units offered in Session 3 have identical learning outcomes, means of assessment and prerequisite structures as units offered at other times of the academic year. The only difference is that the shorter length of the session may mean these units will be delivered using online or group sessions, as well as face-to-face teaching.

Study in summer

The summer months are a great time to enjoy the campus and make the most of the University facilities. Students have equivalent services and support as in Sessions 1 and 2. The library, study skills support team, food and beverages facilities, disability support services, mentoring and other student services will be available.


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"The best thing about Session 3 was the stronger relationships developed with tutors, lecturers and other students"

"I like the blended mode...with pre-recorded lectures so that the on campus time was spent focused on discussion and intensive learning"

"Session 3 is a group of students who are there because they are serious and have actual learning goals"

"I have been raving about my Macquarie Session 3 experience to my friends at my other uni"

"If I could, I would do every subject in this (Session 3 intensive) format"

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