How PACE works

How PACE works

PACE Partners listen to a student presentation of project findings at Konica Minolta

As Macquarie University's signature program, PACE provides opportunities for students to apply learning in practice. Based on the principle of reciprocity, students contribute to the partner organisation and the community it serves while gaining valuable industry experience and skills.

How does it work?

Students enrol in an academic PACE unit into which a practical learning activity is incorporated. The framework of the unit helps students to:

  • prepare for the activity
  • enhances their skill and knowledge development as they undertake the activity
  • equips them to reflect on the experience and what they have learnt
  • ensures students receive academic credit for their experience

PACE Unit Convenors work with Faculty PACE Managers to ensure students are adequately equipped to carry out the activity, the partner is prepared and supported, and the learning outcomes of the unit are achieved.

The scope and scale of PACE, and its full integration into the academic curriculum, sets it apart from similar offerings at other universities.

The Shape of PACE 

The breadth of experiences through PACE take many different forms:

  • on or off campus
  • local, regional or international
  • tailored to a discipline, or broader interests and skills
  • multiple disciplines working together
  • individual or group work
  • internships
  • fieldwork and research
  • customised roles
  • paid or unpaid
  • a combination of these

Changing the world by degrees 

For a glimpse of some of the many ways you can engage with PACE and Macquarie University, see the selection of films below.

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