Benefits of PACE

Benefits of PACE

PACE student and partner work on a project together at the National Acoustic Laboratories

PACE is mutually beneficial for students, partner organisations and Macquarie University. As a PACE partner you will connect with highly motivated, capable, and work ready students, an innovative group of academics and a community of inspiring partner organisations.

Benefits of hosting PACE students

PACE students bring their enthusiasm, knowledge, skills and fresh ideas to partner organisations. They help you to undertake projects that might otherwise not be possible. Through practical experience these students also become more attuned to industry, community and workplace needs, helping to develop them for the future workforce. 

PACE units are part of all Macquarie undergraduate degrees. This means that the range and mode of delivery of activities are very diverse. So no matter what set of skills or support your business requires PACE will be able to match the right student to your needs.

PACE gives partners access to skilled, well-rounded potential employees, and both partners and students have the opportunity to 'test the waters' for potential recruitment. Our PACE stories gallery, below, highlights some of the valuable PACE activities students have worked on with partner organisations.

Collaboration with Macquarie's community

Our 2500+ partner organisations from local, regional and international spheres span all sectors of the economy and society across private, public, community-based and not-for-profit sectors. As a growing and prosperous community, our partner organisations have the opportunity to form collaborative networks with Macquarie and other PACE partners.

Greater capacity can be built through joint research projects, joint funding proposals and other collaborative initiatives. If you have a project in mind which could benefit from the input and help of another PACE partner, please contact the PACE team.

Research opportunities

At Macquarie, we believe that good research should be linked to practical outcomes. We are keen to collaborate with our partners to develop research projects that meet their needs and objectives. Partner organisations may collaborate in a wide range of projects with PACE students, academics and researchers. Find out more about PACE research opportunities.

A pipeline to employability

PACE provides partner organisations with a pipeline to a future workforce of well-rounded recruits trained in your organisation’s industry and work environment. The experience student's gain through the PACE activity builds essential transferable skills like communication, collaboration, problem solving and adaptability.

"Macquarie University is deeply appreciative of the wonderful contribution that our PACE partners make to student learning." – Lindie Clark, Academic and Programs Director, PACE

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