The Business of Design in Nature

The Business of Design in Nature

Scientists have consistently looked at nature for answers to many of society’s perplexing problems and creative solutions. Nature has helped solved engineering problems such as security devices that can’t be copied and non-reflective surfaces for solar panels providing a 10% increase in energy capture.

But how do biomimetrics produce devices based on water efficiency found in animals and plants? What is the connection between the metallic-like wings of butterflies and iridescence of hummingbirds and the paints that never fade?

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Guest Speaker:

Professor Andrew Parker - CEO and Founder of Lifescaped

Andrew is one of the world's leading experts in biomimetics, having spent more than 25 years researching the field. Andrew was named as one of the top eight scientists in the UK by The Times and The Royal Institution (London). He also works at Green Templeton College (University of Oxford), and serves as science advisor to HRH The Prince of Wales. He has published two popular science books, In the Blink of an Eye and Seven Deadly Colours.

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