One Way or Another

One Way or Another

What is the first thing that pops in your head when you think about your professional career path? Is it climbing the corporate ladder, a certain role or working in a specific company?

For some, it is about a journey. It’s about finding something you love, looking for ways to explore and develop your abilities and skills further, and seeking opportunities regardless of company, job types or geographies. 

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Guest Speakers:

Lorie Cittadino MOrgPsych 2015 - Management Consultant, Organisational Capability & Executive Talent Development, Nous Group
Andrew Lewy BBA/BA-Psych 2011 - Managing Director, Toucan Marketing Solutions
Dion Woo BEcon 1993 - Director, Blue Group Project
Jeff Hargrave (Moderator) - Director, Alumni Relations, Macquarie University

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